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  • 灵芝小镇 湖南威斯珈生物科技有限公司 Lingzhi town hunan weisijia biotechnology co., LTD
    湖南新闻联播 ─── 镇起风云:湖南可诺耶生物科技有限公司
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  • 菌恩菌肽  Junen.Juntai
    近日,笔者深入邵阳市区几家威斯珈系列产品体验销售实体店及公司总部采访。所到之处多是人头攒动,购买威斯珈研发生产的菌恩·菌肽产品及主动为公司产品代言的客人络绎不绝。许多客户对食用该产品的效果交口称赞,如数家珍纷纷向笔者叙说:食用了该公司的产品,血压血糖降下来了;前列腺炎症状好转,过去夜起五、六次,现在只一、二次,总算能睡个安稳觉了;?#20381;?#29239;肾脏、肝脏不好脚肿得走不了路,现在行走自如了;爱人的肿瘤消失了;过去常年?#20154;?#30340;慢支病减轻了许多爬楼不费劲啦;心脏病、颈椎病、腰疼等都有明显的改善;过去?#32454;?#20882;而现在不轻易感冒了。例如,贵州财经大学法学系肖教授的女儿,才12岁,四年前突然查出得了直肠癌,经治疗后情况越来越差。2016年底,经人介绍服用菌恩·菌肽产品2个月后在当地医院检查,情况越来越好,于2017年暑假全家专程来邵阳,对公司表示感激之情。这些客户食用该公司培育出的珍稀菌类产品特别是菌恩·菌?#21335;?#21015;产品,大多数评价肌体改善明显。 Recently, the author went deep into the shaoyang urban area of several wescar products experience sales entity stores and corporate headquarters interview. Most of the places we visit are crowded with people. There are a large number of customers who purchase the jain · bacterin products developed and produced by wisca and take the initiative to endorse the products of the company. Many customers praised the effect of eating this product, such as a number of families told the author: eating the company's products, blood pressure and blood sugar fell; Prostate inflammation improved, the past night from five or six times, now only one or two, finally able to sleep soundly; My master kidney, liver bad foot swelling can not walk, now walk freely; A loved one's tumor is gone; Chronic cough in the past has made it easier to climb stairs. Heart disease, cervical spondylosis, backache and so on all showed significant improvement. I used to catch a cold often, but now I don't catch a cold easily. For example, the 12-year-old daughter of professor xiao in the law department of guizhou university of finance and economics was suddenly diagnosed with rectal cancer four years ago. At the end of 2016, I was examined in the local hospital after two months of taking the product of gene · bacterin. The situation was getting better and better. In the summer vacation of 2017, my family came to shaoyang to express their gratitude to the company. These customers ate the rare fungus products developed by the company, especially the series of bacteria peptide products, and most of the evaluations showed obvious improvement in the body.
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  • 许达哲莅临湖南威斯珈生物科技有限公司调研指导  Xu dazhe came to survey and give guidance
    4月4日上午,省委?#31508;?#35760;、省长许达哲在邵阳市调研经济社会发?#39592;?#20917;,鼓励威斯珈生物科技大胆创新,服务精准扶贫。许达哲勉励企业瞄准市场需求,加大研发投入和自主创新力度,继续走精深加工、提质增效的?#32439;印?#26381;务精准扶贫,不断创新合作模?#21073;?#35753;农民特别是贫困户能更多地参与到生产、加工等流程中,?#20013;?#25552;升收入。 On the morning of April 4, xu dazhe, deputy secretary of the CPC central committee and governor of the province, surveyed the economic and social development in shaoyang city, encouraging the bold innovation of weixjia biotechnology and serving targeted poverty alleviation. Xu dazhe encouraged enterprises to aim at market demand, increase r&d investment and independent innovation efforts, continue to go deep processing, improve quality and efficiency. We will provide targeted services to alleviate poverty, and continue to innovate cooperation models so that farmers, especially poor households, can participate more in production and processing, and increase their incomes.
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  • 可诺耶 春节 放假 通知  Kenuoye  Spring Festival holiday notice
    2018年春节将至,首?#35748;?#22823;家致以节日的问候,祝大家春节快乐、万事如意!经公司研究决定:春节放假14天,2月9日至2月22日(阴历24-正月初7),2月23日(正月初8)正式上班。 The Spring Festival of 2018 is coming. First of all, I would like to extend my greetings to you. Wish you a happy Spring Festival and all the best! According to the company's research decision: the Spring Festival holiday 14 days, February 9 solstice February 22 (lunar calendar 24- January 7), February 23 (January 8) official work.
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  • 可诺耶(原名:威斯珈)农博会 展会 湖南  Kenuoye agricultural fair, hunan
    2017年11月18日,湖南可诺耶(原名:威斯珈)生物科技有限公司参加“2017中国中部(湖南)农博会?#20445;?#23637;会于18日当天在长沙国际会展中心开幕。邵阳市副市长肖拥军及多位领?#23478;?#33669;临威斯珈展位,并给与参展产品高度的评价和肯定。 On November 18, 2017, hunan Kenuoye (formerly known as wiska) biotechnology co., ltd. participated in the "central China (hunan) agricultural expo 2017", which opened at changsha international convention and exhibition center on November 18. Xiao yongjun, deputy mayor of shaoyang city, and many leaders also came to the booth and gave high evaluation and affirmation to the products exhibited.
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  • 邵阳 新闻 可诺耶报道 蘑菇 食用菌 Shaoyang news conoye reported mushroom edible fungus
    随着生物科技的进?#21073;?#19968;个全球性的产业革命正在朝着生物经济发展。位于邵阳市大祥区雨溪桥镇唐四村207国道旁的湖南威斯珈生物科技有限公司,正是该产业内最具代表性的企业,它正以创新的经营方?#20581;?#31283;健的发展步伐、强劲的竞争能力。 With the progress of biotechnology, a global industrial revolution is moving towards biological economy. Located beside 207 national road, tangsi village, yuxiqiao town, daxiang district, shaoyang city, hunan wiska biotechnology co., ltd. is the most representative enterprise in this industry. It is operating in an innovative way, with a steady pace of development and strong competitiveness。
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