Fungal material
通过高新技术的深精加工,能够从各种珍稀药食用菌中提取出真菌蛋白、多糖、辅酶Q10、三萜等抗菌类高端药品原?#31232;? Through intensive processing of high-tech, fungal proteins, polysaccharides, coenzyme Q10, triterpenoids and other high-end antimicrobial drugs can be extracted from various rare medicinal edible fungi.
  • 有效成分Active ingredients
    公司掌握了珍稀菌有效成分的量产化资源。从菌种选育、药食用菌生产、分离提取 物到加工产品的成型,都来自于公司。 The company has mastered the mass production resources of the effective components of rare bacteria. From strain selection, edible fungus production, separation and extraction to processing products, all come from the company.
  • 有机硒Organic selenium
    公司掌握了高达99.5%以上的生物有机硒的菌类量产化资源。 The company has mastered up to 99.5% of biological organic selenium fungus mass production resources.
  • 超氧歧化酶 Superoxide Dismutase, SOD
    超氧歧化酶 (Superoxide Dismutase, SOD),别名肝蛋白、简称:SOD。SOD是一种含有金属元素的活性蛋白?#31119;?#34987;视为生命科技中最具神奇魔力的酶、人体内的垃圾清道夫,是生命健康之本。 Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), also called liver protein, SOD. SOD is an active protease containing metal elements, which is regarded as the most magical enzyme in life science and technology, and the garbage scavenger in human body, which is the foundation of life and health.
  • 腺苷 adenosine
    是一种遍布人体细胞的内源性核苷,可直接进入心肌经磷酸化生成腺苷酸,参与心肌能量代谢,同?#34987;?#21442;与扩张冠脉血管,增加血流量。腺苷对心血管系统和肌体的许多其它系统及组织均有生理作用。 It is an endogenous nucleoside distributed in human cells, which can directly enter the myocardium and generate adenosine through phosphorylation, participating in myocardial energy metabolism and expanding coronary vessels to increase blood flow. Adenosine has physiological effects on the cardiovascular system and many other systems and tissues of the body.
  • 甾醇类 sterols
    甾醇类化合物的提取分离多以乙醇提取原料,灵芝中甾醇含量比较高,仅麦 角甾醇含量就达千?#31181;?#19977;左右。已知从灵芝中分到的甾醇有近二十种。 The extraction and separation of sterol compounds are mostly made of ethanol. The sterol content in ganoderma lucidum is relatively high, and the sterol content in wheat is about three thousandths. Nearly twenty sterols are known to be derived from ganoderma lucidum.
  • 三萜类 triterpene
    萜类化合物之一种,有30个碳原子构成的基本?#25216;堋?#28789;芝中三萜含量很高,且具有特别显著的生理活性,有防癌抗癌、促进肝功能、抗过敏、抗炎止痛之功效。 Any of various terpenes having a basic carbon framework of 30 carbon atoms. Ganoderma lucidum contains a lot of triterpenes, and it has remarkable physiological activities, such as anti-cancer, anti-liver function, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
  • 高纯度Antroquinonol & Antrodin
    中文名称:安?#38752;?#35834;尔,是全球唯一无毒副作用的抗癌分子,是萃取自珍稀菌-牛樟芝的天然小分子。近年来的研究指出,Antroquinonol在?#31181;?#32925;细胞发炎以及红斑性狼疮肾炎的老鼠模?#36739;?#30342;能有效的?#31181;品?#28814;?#20174;Α? Chinese name: andzhuquanole, is the world's only non-toxic side effects of anti-cancer molecules, is extracted from the rare bacteria - camphora natural small molecules. In recent years, Antroquinonol has been shown to be effective in inhibiting inflammatory responses in mouse models of both hepatocyte inflammation and lupus erythematosus nephritis.
  • 高纯度辅酶Q10 High purity coenzymeQ10
    能激活人体细胞和细胞能量的营养,提高免疫力;对抗自由基,减少老化迹象;能增?#26377;?#21147;衰竭的存活率达300%。临床研究证实,辅酶Q10对冠心病、风心病和病毒性心肌炎所致的房早、?#20197;?#21644;陈发性房颤也均有效。Can activate human cells and cell energy nutrition, improve immunity; Fight free radicals and reduce signs of aging; Can increase the survival rate of heart failure by 300%. Clinical research has confirmed that coenzyme Q10 is effective for the atrial and ventricular fibrillation caused by coronary heart disease, rheumatic heart disease and viral myocarditis.
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